Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ilkka Halso

"Restauration" is a series of photographs of night scenes in a fictional field hospital where "suffering" species, mainly trees and plants, are depicted in a pseudo scientific context. The installations are first physically assembled and then photographed.

. . .Halso's approach is less rigidly aesthetic and imbued with quiet but critical social commentary, sometimes presented with subtle but barbed humor that exposes the paradox of treating technologically inflicted environmental damage by applying more technology.

[In his] recent series, "Museum of Nature," which he began in 2003, expands on the concept. . .damaged nature is preserved in elaborate, high-tech museum structures. Instead of helping nature to recover in its initial environment, nature is now isolated, cultivated and conserved like works of art. . ."

"Ilkka Halso...Is Constructing Something Natural?"

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