Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Drive-by Landscape Photography

"It is now obvious why photographers in the North-East photograph people and all things made of concrete while those in the South-West photograph deserts and mountains: because that is what you see outside the car window."

Why Weegee was not a Westerner: or, the secret of successful landscape photography; Bill Jay on Photography

Bill Jay describes the idiosyncrasies of landscape photography from one American coast to the other, including 'the Westerner’s fascination with the land and abhorrence of people' and the compulsion towards 'people and all things made of concrete' in the East.

I was a little burned out on garden research this week so I jumped over to the more general topic of landscape photography. This article isn't particularly informative, but it mentions some legitimate names in photography and was above all, sarcastic and therefore, refreshing. Also I will accept the personal (self-inflicted) jab at photographers who photograph what is immediately available to them, but I will defend myself by pointing out that I explore in person and photograph on foot. I mean it's really only because I don't want to contend with photoshopping out window glare, but still. (<- joke)

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