Monday, March 23, 2009

Juha Nenonen

"I approach my motifs via three classical picture types - the landscape, the portrait and the still life. In many of my works these different types of picture are also mixed together. Thus, in the Motifs series, no immediately accessible, obvious thematic or visual connection between the different works emerges. Two concurrent themes underpin the motifs: The first deals with people´s urge to categorise, to classify, to control, to order and organise, and looks at its subjects from this viewpoint. Another, different world is mirrored in this one, a world that evokes themes that are out of control, themes of vanity and the passage of time. This involves a dialogue between two, if not quite opposite, then at least different points of view.

I have always been interested in mixing fact and fiction in photographs. Most of my works are staged, but they are shot in unstaged - existing - spaces and landscapes. Even when I have not staged them, my pictures convey a sense of staging and arrangedness, a theatrical artificiality."

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