Thursday, April 16, 2009

Judgement Day

Panel review day is upon what better topic to research than the jurors themselves?

4/17 edit: unfortunately when I finally came across the blog postings with my jurors' information I found there may actually be two Alice McCabe's in the world, and from the sound of it, the below mentioned will not be meeting with me on Monday. Also George Naan? Doesn't seem to exist in the interworld, mayhaps it's spelled differently? Anywho, I still found the 25 year old Alice McCabe to be an interesting human being, so I'll leave the post up.

Alice McCabe was raised in the Australian outback and moved to London when she was six. Deeply inspired by a show of Arthur Boyd's work at the Australian Embassy in 1996, she realised that she wanted to be a painter.

"The theme of the supposed exotica and quest for paradise intrigues me. My new paintings are not about the people or animals that develop in them. I am still not interested in the human body. The figured scenarios provide a tool by which my thoughts can be played out. My work is about the later egos of everyone and the hidden side of everything."

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