Monday, January 19, 2009

Pertti Kekarainen

Finnish photographer, born 1965

(Of the TILA series) In formal terms, Pertti Kekarainen's works are characterized by the multi-interpretative nature of space. He combines his photographs with local elements of colour that sometimes appear to conform to the space presented in the piece and are sometimes contrary to it. These features create tension and a slightly surreal atmosphere.

(Of the DESTINY series) Pertti Kekarainen’s photographs are intensely silent, if not well-nigh mute. His work is best interpreted separate from the history of photography, for Kekarainen primarily employs the pictorial devices of another medium: contemporary painting.

Kekarainen shrouds his photographs in strange veils, creating transition zones, or semi-transparent membranes, which he punctures with spy holes. Lurking somewhere behind the veil – or what appears to be the surface of the ‘painting’ – is reality itself, a disconcertingly ordinary and characterless place.

"Photographs from the series TILA"

Galerie Robert Drees

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Will Connally said...

I am glad to see that you were interested in Kekarainen - he makes some pretty fascinating things.