Saturday, September 6, 2008

Robert & Shana Parkeharrison

American, born 1968 and 1964
Trained as a photographer, ParkeHarrison did not follow in the well-practiced wake of environmentally charged photojournalists or social documentarians. Theirs was a cautionary tale fixed in the present day; it did not always project a future. Instead, ParkeHarrison conjures up a destiny in which humankind's overuse of the land has led to environments spent and abandoned. The veracity of the photograph, from which all his images are constructed, provides the convincing backdrop for narratives of separation and loss. And the influences from literature, theater, cinema, and painting enrich the work with symbols supportive of the artist's universal subjects, particularly the struggles of the Everyman...

In The Architect's Brother, the theme of the individual human responsibility is recast in a new photographic language resonant with the complexities and uncertainties of present- day life, with its consuming technologies and greater dependency on the land and its resources. In the innovative hands of ParkeHarrison and his wife and partner Shana ParkeHarrison, who collaborates in the conception and execution of the images, this language does not transcribe the natural world. Instead, it reinvents it in compelling personal 
narratives that attest to the continuing power of art to address contemporary cultural issues.

Undergrowth; Black Snowparke-color.htm.jpgRootwallparke-color.htm.jpgThe ScribeImage+3.pngGray Dawn

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